Re-engineered for a purpose

Our unique business platform is a collaboration of senior, independent specialist lawyers, connected via a unified operating system, which allows us to deliver superior quality legal services to our clients.

We have done this because it is simply a better structure for the practice of modern law.


Structurally Better

OpenLaw is the only practice management system in existence that allows independent experts to fully collaborate as one firm, so the client always gets the best lawyer with the right expertise Our lawyers are recognised experts in their fields, operating from multiple locations nationally, supported by a central hub. They share resources, knowledge and skill through the OpenLaw platform, that allows them to work together seamlessly. This means our clients get highly effective, end-to-end legal management and our lawyers are free to do what they love – helping clients.

Direct access to senior experts

OpenLaw enables Nexus to connect high-end expertise with clients under a ‘direct access model’, more cost effectively than traditionally structured firms. The system incentivises collaboration and specialisation, which results in better outcomes. The reality is, there is no substitute for experience – only senior professionals get it done right first time and in the end, this is more cost effective for clients and delivers better outcomes. All our consultant lawyers have a minimum of 10 years’ post qualification experience. We connect the client with the right lawyer for the job, first time.

Industry Specific Expertise

When proficiency in the law is combined with deep industry experience, a lawyer becomes a true business resource like no other. All of our lawyers are chosen because they have at least one specific industry passion, and OpenLaw connects them to others with complimentary skills when they need it, so they can service their industry clients better. We have experts in Construction & Infrastructure, Energy & Resources, Transport & Logistics, International Trade, Property Development, IT and many more. See a full list of services here

Top Tier depth of service at less cost

We do better because we only engage highly experienced lawyers with top level backgrounds that practice law with true commercial pragmatism and a ‘no nonsense’ approach. We concentrate on the reality of delivering the best lawyers in the industry, free from the strictures and pretence of BigLaw, without the overheads driven by manufactured perception.  Our low overhead model and freedom for our lawyers to set their own fees means better value for the client..

Flexible pricing options & Fixed fees

Our consultant lawyers are free to set their own engagements and, unlike the old law firm model, our fees are not dictated by head office. Fixed fees, in-house secondments and retainers are the norm, not the exception.  When it comes to how our lawyers work and charge, the client is in complete control. The OpenLaw practice management system makes it all happen seamlessly. Our members support existing in-house teams or can build an in-house resource for project specific work.

More efficient, more responsive, more experienced

Our unique business model brings flexibility, scalability and efficiency to the practice of law like no other firm. We are a firm built on industry specific expertise – local knowledge with a national footprint. OpenLaw allows us to scale up or scale down, how and when the client needs. Our clients benefit from working with highly experienced, specialist lawyers, without the high overhead cost of the traditional model. We offer affordability without sacrificing quality or service.

Clients of Nexus

Nexus has a long list of corporate clients who have formed lasting business relationships with our lawyers, because our lawyers focus on getting to know businesses from the inside out.  Our client list includes many ASX listed companies, government bodies and major private clients.  We work with great clients who value common sense and understand the success that comes from strong business foundations and key relationships.

Better Legal Resource

We have restructured the law firm for one simple reason – the best lawyers have been leaving the big firms for years and are already in sole practice. They do this because they do not need or want the strictures imposed on them by the big firms.  If you can invent a way to fully connect independent lawyers, you can connect some of the best skill in the market – and so we did.  The result is a more efficient & effective legal service delivery, utilising great lawyers, well rewarded and highly engaged in their own businesses. There is a simple fact at play that many already know – happy and free lawyers do better work.

The Team

Nexus was founded with the aim to re shape the practice of law to provide better outcomes for both lawyers and clients.
Our system gives lawyers the flexibility to adjust to client needs, to provide a better, value-based service to clients.
Our lawyers work in their own way, with their own clients, free from the constraints of a traditional law firm.

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